The building of traditional architecture is called LAMBIA ORI.

It is built in the banks of tributary – river of Erimanthos among rich vegetation.

It is really a very nice hotel. Every room has a wonderful view to the small highland square with the good preserved stony buildings, the magnificent churches, schools, and a lot of fountains which are flowing under huge, very old plane trees.

You have the chance to let comfortable rooms suitable for you as single – bed, double bed and for your family, too. Above all, you will enjoy a cheerful and friendly service which will make you feel like home. Really, you will have enjoyable vacations.

Your days starts with a tasteful traditional breakfast.

On the specious verandas of the LAMBIA ORI HOTEL you will live wonderful moments of quietness, carelessness and coolness in summer.

In winter you will have unforgettable evenings round the fireplace and snowy slopes.